Breccia Aurora Marble


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• Imported Marble
• Nice color and pattern
• Preferred for exterior Flooring and wall cladding
• Easy installation & maintenance

• Thickness of tiles 16 18 mm, Thickness can be customized
• Slab Size: 6′ x 4′ and above feet
• Unpolished Surface
• Breccia Aurora Marble


Breccia Aurora Marble is a very popular marble. This is one of the most beautiful Italian marble available in cream and beige colors. It has a brilliant beige color which makes the interior look elegant. These crystalline minerals can alter the appearance of breccia aurora marble. Breccia Aurora Marble is often used to make floors. People also choose this stone for exterior and interior walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and sculptures. It has a very natural shine and unique design. The surface of this marble is polished and shiny. The luster of this Italian stone lasts for 15 to 20 years.

This stone is in demand for its attractive looks and ability to make any space look aesthetically pleasing. The Breccia Aurora Marble available in the markets is found in various finishes. Of which polish is the most preferred as it polishes the marble. This is Finest and Superior Quality of Imported Marble.

It also comes with a high price tag. This stone is in demand for its attractive appearance and ability to make any space aesthetically pleasing. We offer a wide range of Breccia Aurora Marble with assured quality and best price in the market. Regarding any other Imported Marbles For any question You can also contact us on Facebook

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